10 things you should know about Sin Bin

1. The movie’s writer, Chris Storer, and its director, Billy Federighi, are both from Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago. Billy currently lives in Chicago; Chris crashed on Billy’s couch for two months before the production company—also based in Chicago—got him temporary housing in the Loop.

2. Sin Bin refers to the main character’s van, pictured above.

2. Sin Bin, the movie, is about growing up—and the quest for a first sexual experience.

3. There is an ongoing contest among the cast and crew about who will be the first to have a sexual experience in the actual Sin Bin.

4. One of the stars of Sin Bin, Bo Burnham, said he will be the first person to hook up in the Sin Bin —with himself.

5. The movie will be shot in 20 days during the month of April, in and around Chicago.

6. One of Sin Bin’s producers, Gary Giudice, and director of photography, Seamus Tierney, worked on the movie, Adam, and the movie, Happythankyoumoreplease, which won the audience award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

7. The movie stars Michael Seater, Emily Meade, Bo Burnham, Brian Petsos, Jeff Garlin, and Ben McKenzie. Chicagoan Billy Dec has a role in the movie, too.

8. Chicago restaurant Presecco, 710 N. Wells, is catering the movie.

9. The team who painted the Sin Bin is also from Chicago. They have a design company called, Gary and Gary, Architects at Law—yes, you read that correctly, architects at law.

10. Members of the cast are tweeting from the set. Type @TheSinBin into Twitter search to see the chatter and pics. (Or you can just click this link.)


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