Day 4 of Principal Photography: The details

Has something in the background of a movie caught your eye—a sign, a label, a part of a character’s wardrobe? Wes Anderson movies are ideal for spotting these types of details.

For instance, in the movie Rushmore, Jason Schwartzman’s character, Max Fischer, is released from jail after he’s arrested for cutting the breaks of the car belonging to Herman Blume (played by Bill Murray). The camera follows Max as he walks up a flight of free-standing stairs, and if you look closely you notice his shoes have no laces.

Why? He’s on suicide watch.

I didn’t spot this detail myself. Wes Anderson told me—when I watched the director’s commentary on the Rushmore DVD. Sin Bin will have a terrific director’s commentary because of all the small details.

For instance, inside the character Glenn’s locker are several hand-drawn pictures. (Glenn is played by Chicago actor Chance Bone.) Here is one of the pictures that may or not wind up in that locker.

And here’s Sin Bin director Billy Federighi sporting the helmet that Glenn wears.

More details to come, as they emerge …


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One response to “Day 4 of Principal Photography: The details

  1. Tyler

    That’s awesome. I had no idea.

    Look forward to catching the movie.

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