What’s Sin Bin about, anyway?

I’ve received several e-mails asking for a more detail description of the plot of Sin Bin. Because I’m a walking spoiler I figured I’d ask the film’s screenwriter, Chris Storer, to provide a synopsis. Here it is:

Sin Bin is a high school take on The Apartment and the constant quest to find our own personal space. The film explains what happens when Brian, a high school senior, loans out his van, lovingly-referred to as “the Sin Bin,” to his friends as a spot to bring dates and serve as a portable apartment. While the film is a teen comedy, it quickly turns into a story of  of friendship, family, and Chicagoland.

It’s an ode to John Hughes, a nod to the struggling teenagers striving for a place to call their own. Using the sights and sounds of Chicago, the trials and tribulations we all face growing up will be lovingly recreated.

It’s a comedy about the first time and how we get there.


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One response to “What’s Sin Bin about, anyway?

  1. Great commentary by Chris…:)

    Way to go Chris…Scott and I a really proud of you!

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