Spencer Tweedy is way cooler than Justin Bieber

Jeff Tweedy, the lead singer of the Chicago-based band Wilco, visited the Sin Bin set Tuesday. I love Wilco.

On Tuesday night, I banged out a 1,300 word love letter to Jeff and planned to post it to the blog. That would have been a profound disservice to the whole reason Jeff was on the set—to see his son Spencer act.

Spencer Tweedy, 13, plays the character Freshman Phil in Sin Bin. Here he is in costume.

Spencer doesn’t have any lines, though his role is notable because Bo Burnham’s character Tony spits lactose-free carrot cake in Freshman Phil’s hand. During filming Tuesday, Burnham probably spat in Spencer’s hand at least 10 times, and Spencer’s expression was priceless for each take.

The crew shot this scene at the Irish American Heritage Center—a scene that included Burnham, Michael Seater, and Jeff Garlin, who plays Dean Theatard. (Check out a video interview with him.)

Although Spencer had zero lines, this scene was no (carrot) cakewalk. It was the first scene the crew shot with Garlin. A decent crowd of friends and family amassed on set as they prepared to shoot it. Garlin riffed on several takes—which means he ventured from the actual script—and continually cracked up the people on set. You could hear muffled laughter as everyone within earshot of Garlin covered their mouths to prevent messing up the sound. Last thing you want is to be the visitor to a movie set who fouls up a take.

A couple times, Garlin pointed to Spencer and, in his unmistakable baritone, said, “Hey, look at that, it’s Justin Bieber. You kids love the Bieber, don’t you? I love him, too. Got his album. Gonna get his next one.”

How Seater, Burnham, and Spencer Tweedy maintained their cool with Garlin being, well, Garlin, in front of them is beyond me.

This being Spencer’s first movie, the entire Tweedy family showed up on set. It was a day of Tweedy family fun, as they snapped pictures of Spencer and gave him words of encouragement. He handled the attention from his parents very well. If I was a teenager and my parents showed up to cheer me on, I’d be flush with embarrassment—horrified by their displays of affection. (And then years later thank them for said affection in birthday, Christmas and Mother’s/Father’s Day cards.)

Spencer handled it with aplomb—of course, his dad is a rock star and his mom did run one of the coolest rock clubs in the city. That probably stems the embarrassment a bit.

Here’s a pic from Tweedy family fun day.

If you want to know more about Spencer Tweedy, you can read his blog.


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One response to “Spencer Tweedy is way cooler than Justin Bieber

  1. Lesley

    Very cool! (Thanks for sending Damon.)
    Just saw Wilco here in Tokyo.
    Also my dad is involved with the IAHC in Chicago- small world!

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