Day 9 of Principal Photography: Location, location, location

Thursday was a long one for the cast and crew of Sin Bin. They filmed in three locations in Chicago: the Lincoln Park Zoo, Superdawg, and on and near the 3900 block of Kenmore in the city’s Wrigleyville neighborhood.

I grabbed some video of a scene shot on Kenmore, in which the characters Michael (played by Ben McKenzie) and Benny (played by Brian Petsos) meet outside the home of Lauren (played by Gillian Jacobs).

That’s Sin Bin writer Chris Storer, in the glasses, watching the action on the monitor.

When the crew finished this scene, they packed up and moved about one block west to a park bench. Sin Bin director Billy Federighi explains what’s going on.

Federighi kind of looks like Chico Marx in that hat, wouldn’t you say? (True or false: Chico is Federighi’s favorite Marx brother.)

While the crew set up the lights and camera at the park bench–where Michael Seater and Brenda Marie King shot the final scene of the night–there was a sweet moment between Seater, the actor, and Storer, the writer. Storer sat down with Seater and ran lines with him. I kept the camera in my pocket for that one; I didn’t want to rob them of their moment. Trust me, it was cute.

And if you said false, Chico is not Federighi’s favorite Marx brother, you were wrong.


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