(Fake) drugs on the set of Sin Bin

It’s April 20, 4/20, which is a sort of holiday for high school and college-aged pot smokers. I have no idea why. For some reason, 4/20 is significant in the world of marijuana.

In Sin Bin, there is a scene where two characters smoke a joint. I assumed that actors either a) actually smoked a joint while filming a scene in which they smoked a joint, or b) puffed on a hand-rolled cigarette in place of a joint.

Not the case–on Sin Bin at least. There are actually prop joints. According to Sin Bin director Billy Federighi, prop joints are made out of “some kind of herb.”

So there you go. Smoke’em if you got’em.


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One response to “(Fake) drugs on the set of Sin Bin

  1. BD

    I guy I work with just bought a “fake” winning lottery ticket to give his brother for his birthday.

    After reading this, I’m recommending—to really round his brother’s B-Day into shape— he also give him a prop joint.

    The moral of the story? $50K comes and goes like smoke that doesn’t get you high— but nothing’s more important than family.

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