Emily Meade is about to explode

My failure to include more posts about Emily Meade, the female lead of Sin Bin, is borderline criminal. A couple of people on-set mentioned this last week, and I tried to cover for myself by claiming that our schedules haven’t meshed. When she was shooting, I wasn’t around. 

That’s a lousy excuse.

I think you haven’t seen much of Emily—beside a few snapshots—because I’m kind of intimated by her. She is about to explode. Not literally, of course. I mean, her career is about to explode.

Emily will soon be profiled in glossy men’s magazines, where some gushing magazine writer will talk about what she ate for lunch at a hotel restaurant in Manhattan, probably on the Lower East Side, and how she has both an indie vibe and a mainstream appeal.

 Trust me, it’ll happen.

She’s in the new Joel Schumacher film, Twelve, which opens July 2. She appears in the new Wes Craven movie, My Soul to Take, out October 29; she’s in two episodes of “Boardwalk Empire,” the upcoming HBO/Martin Scorcese show. And she’s in a couple of indie films, one of which is Burning Palms, a film written and directed by Christopher Landon, the same guy who wrote the movie Disturbia.  

And she’s appeared in two episodes of Law and fucking Order.

I’ll let Emily take it from here.


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One response to “Emily Meade is about to explode

  1. benfan

    Southland got renewed! Yay!

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