Sex and movie-making: A comparative study

Watching my two friends Billy Federighi and Chris Storer make a movie—their first movie—has reminded me of several things I’ve never experienced: going to war, climbing a mountain, making a movie. One thing it is like that I can relate to is losing your virginity.

There are so many times in life, when—after days, months, or years—you realize the importance of a single moment. But so rarely do you realize in the actual moment that it is important, profound, even life-changing. Sex and making a movie are two times when you do realize the profundity of it all.*

But there are still mitigating factors to distract you.

For instance, as it’s actually happening (for men at least), you’re busy thinking about the next time you’re going to do it—and how often you’re going to do it—and the creeping fear that you might never do it again. And, of course, you’re fucking thrilled.  

Amid all these thoughts, it goes by so fast.

Today marks the start of the final week of principal photography. The making of Sin Bin has been quick and dirty. It’s a 20-day shoot, which I’m told is ridiculously fast for a script that’s about 118 pages. With this pace, will Billy and Chris remember the details?

Will they recall the musty smell of the Irish American Heritage Center?

The bright lights of Happy Foods at 3 a.m.?

The cool and soggy Friday night they spent shooting scenes outside a home in Park Ridge?

Or, as is often the case with the first time, will all the small details be washed away by nostalgia?

This has been my first experience behind-the-scenes of a movie. I will miss it once it’s all over. For better or for worse, there will never be another first time. I’m glad Billy and Chris brought me along for it, which—with my whole sex/movie-making metaphor—sounds weird, and maybe a little gross.

*You realize the profundity of the first time you have sex or make a movie as long as you’re not drunk and/or stoned during the experience. This is not the case for either of my first times. OK, maybe I was a little drunk for one of them. But just a little.


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