Would you work a 25 hour day?

When’s the last time you worked a 25 hour day?

These guys did last week.

Meet the Sin Bin’s locations department: location scout Nick Jamison (below, right) and assistant location scout Peter Gordon (left).  They seriously worked a 25 hour day last week. Sounds glamorous, doesn’t it?

“We’re the first ones here and the last ones to leave,” Gordon told me.

So, they’re like the Marines of a movie crew.

What is it they do? I asked them.

The location guys, as they’re known, act as the liaisons between the movie and the real world.

“We find the locations, get the permits, talk to the neighbors, the city—we do it all,” Gordon said.

So if these guys come a-knockin’ on your door they’re probably going to ask if they can shoot a movie in your house—or least near it.



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2 responses to “Would you work a 25 hour day?

  1. Erik gandy

    I just saw you guys filming in Union Station. I’m a film student at Tribeca flashpoint academy /wannabe filmmaker so if you remember seeing a guy in a black P coat watching enviously that was me. I shot my first short film in Union Station and getting the permit was a bitch. Hope it was easier for you then it was for

  2. Nick

    Thanks for the love Sebastian!

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