Night shoots: ‘People go to weird places’

Tonight is the final day of shooting for Sin Bin. It’s day 20 of Principal Photography, and it’s another night shoot, in which the cast and crew work against the sunlight. So, they’re kind of like vampires–and vamps are so hot these days.

Sin Bin star Michael Seater described night shoots to me. Apparently, they’re reminiscent of some kind of Elfin world. Don’t know if vampires like elves. I don’t even know if elves bleed. That sounds like a question for Wikipedia.


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Gabe Notarangelo, notorious scene thief, steals another scene

Gabe Notarangelo is one of the co-stars of Sin Bin. Like so many of the actors in the movie, Gabe has stolen several scenes.

The producers want them back. Don’t worry, Gabe. They won’t prosecute or anything. Just give them back and you won’t get in trouble.


They might prosecute.

Actually, scene stealing means he did a wonderful job in the scenes he shot.

Unfortunately for me–and for you, the reader (you know who you are)–my schedule and Gabe’s have not meshed. We haven’t been on-set the same days, until last night. So, I stuck my Flip camera in Gabe’s face and asked him what he’s spent the last week doing when not on the set of Sin Bin.

See what I mean? He totally stole that scene.

Give it back, Gabe.

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Day 19 of Principal Photography: The dolly shot

It’s 2:26 a.m. In 10 minutes I’ll be in bed; in 15 minutes I hope to be asleep. Unfortunately for the cast and crew of Sin Bin, they will be awake and working until about 8 or 8:30 a.m.

Tonight was the penultimate day of shooting. Tomorrow they wrap.

I spoke with director Billy Federighi from the set Thursday night. In this video, Billy is joined by Brett Snider, Billy’s “partner” (his directing partner for commercial shoots–what did you think?), who flew in from L.A. for the final days of shooting. Together, they explain the principals of the “dolly shot” and some other nonsense.  

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Hey, Michael Seater: What’s going on?

Sin Bin wraps in about 36 hours.

Early on Thursday morning, the cast and crew finished shooting at one of the key locations in Park Ridge, a sleepy suburb nestled against Chicago’s Northwest shoulder.

On the chilly set Wednesday, I spoke with Seater just moments before he shot a scene with Tim Blake Nelson. In this video, Seater talks about Nelson’s coffee-drinking habit. It’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever heard. You’ll see what I mean.

You’ll also hear a voice off camera that isn’t mine. It belongs to Sin Bin screenwriter Chris Storer. He does have a nice voice, doesn’t he?


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Sin Bin deflowered: Contest over before it even began

A burning question around the Sin Bin set has been who will be the first to have sex in the Sin Bin van. It became a contest, although no prizes would be awarded.

With just two days left of shooting, it seemed that the Sin Bin van—a notorious spot for sex in the movie—would remain a virgin in real life. (And if you’ve been in the Sin Bin—if you’ve smelled the Sin Bin—you’d know this is probably a good thing.)

And then word started circulating Wednesday night that someone on the crew did have sex in the Sin Bin. I won’t divulge who it was, although I will say the contest was over before it even began.

Oh, and there were two people involved in this sexcapade—it wasn’t a solo effort.

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Long walks on the beach

Director of photography Seamus Tierney, executive producer Dante Federighi, and director Billy Federighi near Chicago's lakeshore April 26.

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What are Emily Meade’s favorite movies?

She‘s the female lead in Sin Bin. So, what are her favorite movies?

I asked.

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