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Sal vs. Sal: Parsing an actor’s dialect

Many of the characters in Sin Bin are composites of actual people in screenwriter Chris Storer’s life. For instance, Sal Picardi is one of the characters in the film. In the script, Sal is first introduced as “17, paranoid, ‘swooshy track pants’ that swoosh” when he walks. (In the days before the shooting began, the track pants were replaced with a different wardrobe nuisance.)

Sal Picardi is a composite of a real person the screenwriter grew up with; that person’s name is … Sal Picardi. (I know, so much for imagination.) Today, the real Sal Picardi is a 29- (or 30, or maybe 31, not sure) year-old man. When the producers cast Park Ridge native Nick Bastounes in the role of Sal, Bastounes set out to spend quality time with the real Sal. He wanted to capture all the real Sal’s quirks.

I know, the kid’s dedicated to his craft; he’s like Christian Bale, or something.

How’d Bastounes do? You be the judge. Here’s a video of the two Sals, the real one is on the left. 

If you ask me, he nailed it.



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Lunch break with Nick Bastounes

Chicago actor Nick Bastounes is playing the character Sal, who is a composite of an actual person. Nick hung out with the real Sal to prepare for his role in Sin Bin. As the cast and crew broke for lunch Tuesday, I asked Nick if he picked up any quirks from the real Sal after hanging out with him.

Here’s what he said.


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‘Ya know, I work on my hair a long time, and he hit it. He hits my hair.’

Chicago-based actor Nick Bastounes has the finishing touches put on his hair Tuesday morning.

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