What is Sin Bin about, anyway?

Sin Bin screenwriter Chris Storer offers this synopsis of the film:

Sin Bin is a high school take on The Apartment and the constant quest to find our own personal space. The film explains what happens when Brian, a high school senior, loans out his van, lovingly-referred to as “the Sin Bin,” to his friends as a spot to bring dates and serve as a portable apartment. While the film is a teen comedy, it quickly turns into a story of  friendship, family, and Chicagoland.

It’s an ode to John Hughes, a nod to the struggling teenagers striving for a place to call their own. Using the sights and sounds of Chicago, the trials and tribulations we all face growing up will be lovingly recreated.

It’s a comedy about the first time and how we get there.


4 responses to “What is Sin Bin about, anyway?

  1. Consider me interested.

  2. Scott

    Sounds like another great coming of age movie set in Chicago. I grew up in Park Ridge in the late 70’s and had a POS car that we all thought was killer so I can relate. Moved back here to raise a family 12 years ago and the kids have been having a blast watching the filming. I was telling them about my experience when they filmed many of the Blues Brothers scenes here in 1979. Great fun! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Debbie

    I’m definetly hooked!
    The movie sounds really cool! Loved the blog!
    I’m sooo gonna watch it!

  4. Emily

    I’m really excited for this movie. Does anyone know when its expected release date is? Oh and by the way, I love this blog, plus the stuff on Twitter. It’s very well done.

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